New Green Acres RV Park


We would like to share vistors' comments with you about their stay at New Green Acres RV Park.


From our "Poets Laureate" of New Green Acres:

Oh, my, Oh my, look at what you've done
All your work since two thousand one,
Low ground is leveled, the roads are smoothed
Much excess trees have been removed.

The trees are tall that reach the sky
Spots long and wide, no one's close by.
And as you take your rig around,
Tall and low bushes do abound.

Buildings painted, and growing grass,
And shining is the window glass.
Running rain water now improved
Keeps our feet dry in our shoes.

The pool's clean with sparkling water,
Flowers and figures bring laughter.
Heard soft singing by three this eve,
And gentle talk brought on the breeze.

So I have found since from the start
New Green Acres has it's own heart.
And most of all we do enjoy
The family folk of father Roy.

(And we can't forget the parrot "Bang".)
                       M-L Hathaway  5/18/08



New Green Acres RV Park
Have you heard many people remark?
How long, how wide, how easy to park!
It's New Green Acres where to stop
On your list - put it on top
A place not to forget, expecially after dark.

Why do I like the park you say?
Because tis a beautiful getaway
Tall stately pines abound
And Pineapple palms all-around
It's peaceful and spacious - so come today!

--Roy Hathaway 9/29/03

We were more than pleased with our camping experience at New Green Acres.  Your facilities are spacious, clean, and beautiful.  Having cable is a real plus too!  We'll be back!
                        N E 5/18/08

Loved your campground.  Good price, dog playground, WIFI - love it all!  Wish they were all like yours!
                        L A  10/21/07

We'll be back!  Very spacious sites - a real luxury.  Loved the Paws Park for our 2 dogs, another luxury and help.
                        M A F   9/23/07

You should put excellent on your survey because we would have checked all of them.
                        M M  10/1/07

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